Ghosts of Manhattan 

The Future Home Theater, Ghosts of Manhattan 1912.  Photo: Bob Krasner

The Future Home Theater, Ghosts of Manhattan 1912. Photo: Bob Krasner

Make New York history come alive for students with an interactive performance or lecture demonstration of Ghosts of Manhattan.  A theatrical journey through time, Ghosts of Manhattan traces New York City’s cultural evolution over five hundred years, from native land in 1512 to global metropolis in 2012.  Looking through the lens of innovation, racial tension and social movements, students are asked to relate past events to current issues, and engage in cross cultural dialogue.  


Interactive Performance

Ghosts of Manhattan 1912. (30 min.)  OM collaborators present 1912 in three sections.  

Future Home Theater, 1912.  Photo: Bob Krasner

Future Home Theater, 1912. Photo: Bob Krasner

1) The Future Home Theater, a reflection on the advent of Television and how it would revolutionize entertainment. 

2) Fight of the Century, a racially charged contest between Jack Johnson and the “Great White Hope” for heavyweight champion.

3) Bread and Roses, honoring women who led the cause for workers’ rights, forming the first unions of the twentieth century.

Presentation is followed by a post-performance discussion (20 min), engaging students on each theme- innovation, racial tension and social movements.  OM collaborators share stories & invite questions on creative process. 


Lecture Demonstration

Ghosts of Manhattan: 1512-2012, an interactive history. (50 min.)  Director Maija Garcia presents video footage & leads interactive discussion.  How can stories from the past offer perspective on where we are now, and where we are going?

Maija Garcia. Director, Organic Magnetics.

Maija Garcia. Director, Organic Magnetics.

 Inspired by the untold stories buried beneath New York City streets, director Maija Garcia exhumed the ghosts of Manhattan, creating an interactive, walk-through performance installation in Fort Tryon Park in 2012.  OM collaborators animated poignant events from each century, such as the first encounters between native Lenape and European traders, or the slave revolt of 1712.  Garcia will share footage from the live installation and lead a discussion on the art of making history.




OM offers interactive workshops that share OM’s unique creative process.  Workshops integrate movement to enhance physical awareness and theater games to engage cross-cultural dialogue . Workshops are modeled to meet the needs of your group, organization or community, tailored to fit your budget and formatted for all levels. 

  • Movement: workshops rooted in contemporary techniques to sharpen intention, develop rhythm and dynamic virtuosity.
  • Transformative Theatre: workshops based on cross cultural dialogue. Dramatic improvisation and conflict resolution techniques are used to generate creative solutions for social justice.