Binding creativity and sustainability to generate urban folklore for the future.


Based in Harlem, Organic Magnetics (OM) is a cultural arts organization that produces interactive live installations and offers theater arts education. Organic Magnetics is composed of international artists and designers committed to creation, innovation and transformation through cultural dialogue and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Creative director Maija Garcia facilitates collaborations with artists and designers to make interactive theater, exploring themes of urban life, environmental sustainability, and social justice movements.  OM believes art is a universal language that can bridge cultural differences through creative process, live installations, and urban community engagement.


Creative Process engages artists in collaboration to communicate across mediums, explore intersections in art and culture and develop a practice of dialogue that informs the work.


Live Installation expands audiences, making art accessible to a wide range of people. Public exhibitions and site specific performance activates the relationship between artist and observer, increasing awareness and initiating a transformative experience.


Urban Engagement cultivates community as collaborating artists become facilitators that empower aspiring artists as creative leaders through a series of workshops, culminating in a community arts exhibit. 

OM performance, copyright

Organic Magnetics is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the purposes of Organic Magnetics must be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.


OM Productions